welcome to the hungry ghost project!

We are a magazine that publishes flash fiction and creative non-fiction on the topics of food, hauntings, memory and consumption, together or separately, in whatever form they may take.

Food has the power to transport and to haunt. It can take us to new places or remind us of old ones, make us feel lonely or loved. Whether it nourishes or nauseates, it informs the way we live our lives, from how we structure our days to the places we build our cities. It also informs our relationships: first dates, last suppers, evenings spent alone in busy restaurants. It’s no wonder, as steam rises from pans, that we are quick to summon ghosts.

Outside of the kitchen, we are surrounded by art, media and commodities, all of which are haunted by their makers, brought to life by their consumers. They can make us who we are or show us what we are not, create need or sate it. Ghosts, too, are consumed: by rage, regret, unrest. In the afterlife, there is still hunger.

We seek tenderness as much as terror and welcome all interpretations of our theme.

A note from the editor: we named this magazine based purely on our themes of hunger and hauntings, but we would like to acknowledge the use of the term ‘hungry ghost’ in East Asian and Southeast Asian contexts. We have no intention to reflect or comment on these specific cultural practices, but if you would like to find out more about them, you can do so here!