Meet the hungry ghosts!

Founder & Editor-in-Chief // Leonie Rowland

Leonie (she/her) has an MA from the Manchester Centre for Gothic Studies at Manchester Metropolitan University. She is Assistant Reviews Editor at The British Society for Literature and Science and English Editor at the Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute. Leonie’s writing has been published widely, and she won Third Prize in the June 2021 Bath Flash Fiction Award. Her debut chapbook, In Bed with Melon Bread, is available from Dreich. Talk to her here!


Poetry Editor // Bren Booth-Jones

Bren Booth-Jones is an Irish South African writer and former Editor-in-Chief of Writer’s Block Magazine. Their debut collection, Vertigo to Go, won the White Label Trois Competition and was published by The Hedgehog Poetry Press in 2020. Bren’s second collection, Open Letters to the Sky, is forthcoming from the same press. Recent work has appeared in Dreich, Feral, Redivider and elsewhere. Bren lives in Amsterdam. Find them on Twitter @BrendonBoothJo1.


Illustrator // Elizabeth Cowling

Elizabeth (she/her) studied Illustration at UAL Camberwell College of Arts in London. Her work has featured in multiple poetry and short story zines, posters, and magazine covers. Her process starts with paper and pencils, then she begins to build her images onto photoshop where she can experiment with colours and brushes. You can visit her website here.


Web & Graphic Designer // Jamie Rowland 

Jamie (he/him) is a budding, UK-based freelance Graphic Designer with skills across a number of programmes and disciplines, including web design, illustration and animation. You will likely find him listening to Lofi music with an excessively large cup of coffee, doing all things graphical. You can visit his website here.


Staff Contributor // Stevie Mitchell

Stevie (he/him) is a Derbyshire-based artist and illustrator creating captioned drawings, fragments of stories and uncanny happenings, presented under the collective banner, INKY CONDITIONS. Stevie works with ink and brush and some deliberately lo-grade technology. INKY CONDITIONS works are showcased at art trails and fairs across Derbyshire and Staffordshire, including the Wirksworth Festival. Stevie is also an independent commercial illustrator, making useful drawings for beer branding, businesses, and for Barnsley Museums, creating visitor guides and poetry anthologies.